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Those who make strategic decisions: owners, heads of organizations, financial directors, marketing managers, procurement or sales managers know the high value of information. Not every organization relating itself to the segment of medium and even large category of businesses have a staff of qualified security service. So often the owner/director has to make a decision about starting of cooperation based on their intuition and insignificant data obtained during negotiations. Of course, it often leads to very sad results. Companies are becoming victims of scams of their falling into the trap. To avoid such an extremely unpleasant situations should verify all new partners for early detection of intruders.

How to carry out this check and where to start? Main characteristics that will give a more detailed and large-scale information on the possible detection of unreliable partner following:

  1. The age of the organization
  2. The composition of company’s founders/owners/directors
  3. Any prosecution information
  4. Legal address
  5. Company Status (for eFilling)
  6. Where, when and by whom it was registered.

All these data, we carefully tried to show in our database in order to provide you with the most relevant and comprehensive information to minimize your risks. We sincerely hope in our cooperation and believe that we can help you avoid unpleasant cases in the present and in the future.